“No Condition – Get Your Scholarship Confirmation before you apply to college before Studies “

Students willing to applying  for No Condition (Apply before you apply to college)Educational Scholarships have to follow simple steps process in order to Receive the scholarships.

The Process of scholarships has been Mentioned below  with the most easiest way for students to understand as it is a 5 step Easy Process :-

1.Fill Up the Quick Query Form :-

Fill Quick Query Form

Fill Quick Query Form


Students are requested to Fill the Quick Query Form on the Right side of the website , with their correct Details like Name ,email and Phone Number  and purpose of contact with query if any .Once the Form is Received our one of the Executive Member of the NGO , Education career society will contact you for Confirmation of the same.


2. Scholarship Request Form :

Scholarship Request form

Scholarship Request form


Receive the Scholarship Request form and fill it back with your correct Details and Necessary Academic Documents and mail it to





3. Process Your College Application Form :

College application form

College application form

Under the Guidance of expert Counselor and a Executive member of the NGO society Education Career Society process your College application Form so that the college application form is correctly filled .

Please Note :- Neither the Applying College nor any Individual Member of the society has to do with Scholarships offered by the NGO society ,Education career Society. Education Career Society is not responsible for admissions and Non admissions in any college as it would be the sole discretion of your applying college and their Admission Requirements.


4.Process Other Necessary Documents :-

College Admission Letter

College Admission Letter

Students applying for scholarships should furnish both the admission letter along with the confirmation letter of admission.

Please Note :- If in any case the NGO finds the case of Forgery in the Documents the scholarships would be cancelled and an Strict action would be taken against the Candidate.Remember that education Career Society is only in promoting education at different Levels.


5.Receive Your Scholarships :-

Recieve Scholarships

Receive Scholarships


Congratulations !! For Receiving Your scholarships .

Please Note :- Scholarships will be issued only to the students and in any case student not will to study than the scholarship stands cancelled.





*Subject to the sole discretion of the Society, Education career society.

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